Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | Personal Post Tuesdays | Looking Forward to 2015

In the last year my focus was completely on work.  My heart and soul were poured into working my butt off, learning a ton and really making my dream of becoming a wedding photographer a reality.  I could not have foreseen all of the amazing opportunities that came my way last year, but now as I look toward 2015 I don’t just want to share my work.  I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog- Personal Post Tuesdays.  I was shooting for some kind of cute alliteration, but Tuesday’s seemed like the best day for some personal blogging so there we have it 🙂

In the new year, I really want to continue to grow Samantha Jay Photography, but I also want to show a little bit more of what makes me, me!  So here are some of my goals just in general for 2015:

  • Share more music that I love
  • Make an effort to read- Instead of laying in bed and scrolling through Facebook, I want to curl up with a real book.  I miss PAPER!
  • Shoot more film
  • Plan our wedding and share a little bit about that process- you gorgeous SJP brides amaze me!
  • Make more time for friends and fun
  • Have date nights
  • Unplug more often
  • Dress for success every day

I’m sure that as the year goes on my goals will continue to evolve, but I’m ready for this new year!  What are your goals for 2015?

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer// Personal Post Tuesdays// Looking Forward to 2015

Photo courtesy of the amazing Amanda Brubaker Photography

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  1. lindseygerstlauerphotography says:

    Great list, Sam!

    I definitely have some of the same things on my list. I’ve already started reading more, but I’d love to unplug more often as well, see friends more/meet new people and definitely shoot lots of film! I’ve also put attending at least one workshop on my list. 🙂

    1. Ooh! That is a great one! Definitely let me know what workshops you look into, I would love to do another! It would be awesome to find one that is about shooting film! I will keep my eyes peeled too 🙂

      1. lindseygerstlauerphotography says:

        Absolutely! I’ll be looking! And that sounds good!

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