Welcome to Samantha Jay Photography’s Blog!

Hello To All!

Samantha Jay Photography is finally stepping into the shoes of a 21st century photog and starting a blog!  Writing has always been a passion of mine but for some reason I was lagging on starting to blog my photography business and now I’m realizing just how much catching up I have to do! I have so many amazing sessions that have yet to be properly blogged and I want to share them all with you!

I guess before a blog didn’t make sense to me because I thought well people just want to see my photographs so no explanation should be necessary.  But as I started following more amazing photographers and seeing their blog posts I realized what this was really all about. It allows us as artists to revisit our work that we share with all of you.  In this process, we can learn more about our own work and show who we are as photographers.  So this blog is about making my art better, giving you a glimpse into who I am and enjoying beautiful images!

Can’t wait to start blogging tons more and sharing some of my past sessions! Maybe each week I’ll have a different “Throwback”? We’ll see.  But stick around and enjoy Samantha Jay Photography’s Blog!


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