March 5, 2015

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2015-02-12_0001From the moment the wheels touched down in Ft. Lauderdale we were ready for relaxation.  We grabbed our bags from the carousel, picked up our rent-a-car and cruised down the narrow strip of highway that leads to Mile 0.  Patrick and I were visiting Key West, Florida for the first time and we already had our marching orders- relax!  After a busy and amazing wedding season last year and Patrick’s hectic work schedule, we were both a little burnt out and ready to get away.  Back in October, soon after we had gotten engaged, I made a huge impulse buy and bought us plane tickets down to Florida.  My parents LOVE Key West, so we decided to travel with our friends down there to check out this quirky town.

As soon as we arrived in Key West, we ditched the car and went out to rent bicycles.  Most people rent bikes down there to get around, it was awesome!  Our airbnb condo was on the quieter side of Key West so each day we would ride our bikes out to Duval Street, the main drag, for whatever we wanted to get into.  We ate delicious food, explored the town, had fun at the bars and even took a ghost tour!

On vacations I am always so terrible at taking photos and bringing my camera with me during the day.  So, on this trip I decided I would bring my little polaroid and those polaroids would be my vacation photos 🙂  Check them out!



This is us with our travel buddies, Meagan and Jimmy.  We had margaritas a few times at this Mexican place so we wanted a picture of all of us.  I stopped another tourist and asked him to take a picture of us.  He was an older gentleman and I was surprised by how confused he seemed when I handed him my polaroid camera.  As you can see he had a bit of trouble with it but it made us love this one even more!
Lobster Roll

It’s a bit blurry but these lobster rolls were OH MY GOODNESS amazing.  We would stop by this place called “The Conch Shack” for lunch and got the most amazing and fresh lobster rolls.  My mouth is watering just looking at this!

This is definitely my favorite polaroid of the trip.  In Key West is this old movie theater called the Tropic Cinema.  On their marquee they have real neon letters, it’s so cool.  Outside of the theater they have this life size Marilyn Monroe, so cool.Palm Tree Patrick

Patrick before brunch 🙂Ricks

We stopped by this place Ricks for a drink and it seriously felt like we were right back in Delco.  There was another group of people at the bar who were from Philly and were also enjoying the cover band that was playing there.Sloppy JoesRooster

Roosters are everywhere in Key West!  I caught this guy as we were leaving breakfast at Blue Heaven.Sleepy Head
Southern Most Point

We also visited the Southern Most point.  There was a HUGE line to take a picture with that buoy behind us so we opted to just have all of the other tourists in ours 🙂 No muss, no fuss.
Sunset after Dinner

Last but not least, the last sunset on our last night 🙂  I love this guy.



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